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The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind by Jason Disley coming soon! 

A tale set in 1950s Hollywood, The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind, is a series of poems that tell of a difficult inter racial relationship brought to a tragic end, it is a detective story dripping with blues and jazz rhythms. Evoking the LA of Raymond Chandler, The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind has crimes, passion and a pulse to it. Available soon from and other places later this month.

A poem from Woodview by Robert Garnham. Woodview will be available to purchase soon.

Coming this June!  Dayrider by Christian Scully. 

Coming Soon! The third in the Aldous Beech series.

The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind 

By Jason Disley


Beatnpress are very pleased to announce that the current Bard of Exeter, Robert Garnham has a new book on its way - Woodview - which is a series of poems that deal with a diverse range of subjects. Robert is a well respected poet who has travelled the length of Britain, and abroad performing his poetry and it is a real honour for Beatnpress to be part of this project.  More details will be revealed soon. 

Cover Reveal!  The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind by Jason Disley coming May 2022.

The third book of Film Noir Verse to be written by Jason Disley is coming soon.  This sequel to Beat To A Pulp and Angel In Alabaster sees another jazz laden tale using the language used in mid 20th century Pulp Fiction in verse form.  Featuring detective Aldous Beech and G Man  Johnny Cassady the reader is drawn into a mystery that Beech stumbles upon. Loretta Fontaine, film star, socialite and Johnny's love interest finds her life once again in danger. All written in a lytical manner  Jason Disley serves up  a compelling read. 

Coming Soon! A sequel to Angel In Alabaster is on its way! Cover reveal this Friday the 11th of March. 

“If Jack Kerouac and Carlos Castaneda went on a road trip together, you would probably wind up with something not dissimilar to The Lost Notes. A beguiling transatlantic tale of jazz, spiritualism and Jim Morrison ” Claire Mahoney, Detail magazine.

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Seven Day Fool by Jason Disley 

This sequel to Beat To A Pulp is firmly set in the period of Pulp and Noir of the 20th Century in Hollywood - Angel In Alabaster - delivers once again the jive talk that Jason Disley has not only mastered, but, uses cleverly, so as to evoke the rich and shadowy worlds inhabited by this tale's characters - characters, that could easily inhabit the worlds and, works of Hammett, Chandler and Spillane. This is Film Noir Verse. Its an original pulp fiction tale told in verse form

Jason Disley

ISBN 978-0-244-86821-5


Released: Mar , 2020

Book 10.8 x 0.89 x 17.48 cm

154 pages

List Price: GBP 8.99