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Incoming! The First in a series of Modernist Beat Poetry books.

Beat Dimesnsions by Danny Gray


You can now pre order this great debut collection of poetry. Danny shares a personal collection of observations, and hopes as he takes in his experiences and shares a rhythmic and stylish look at life. He is one to look out for, and  Beatnpress are really happy to be sharing his talent. With a foreword by Jason Disley, and endorsements by writers  such as Mark Baxter, Paul J Hallam and Matteo Seddazzari - you know you are in for a treat. Books should be landing around the middle of December -and will continue ro be available in the  New year.  If you want to grab a copy before Christmas -get in quick. Books will be dispatched as soon  the printers allow.

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Beat Dimensions by Danny Gray

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Beat Dimensions by Danny Gray


Perfect Bound Paperback 

ISBN 978-1-4467-6899-0

The modernist and original Beat ethos of getting your kicks is never far away, and experience is everything. This is what makes Beat Dimensions highly relateable collection of Modernist Beat Poetry - for if you enjoy music, art and style you will admire Danny's personal perspective. He shows you the dimensions of his world, a world that draws on inspiration, improvisation and an intricate fluidity that is not unlike that of a great jazz album. So, take five - and enter this dimension, I am pretty sure it won't be last you will want to dive into.

'Dark and foreboding passages are weaved together with a promise of better days ahead, in an eclectic collection of poems. Earthy, rich and very much worth your attention.'

Tales of Jazz Volume Two: Listen Here -available to pre order now. Launch date is November 26th 2023.

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This December - a new Modernist Beat poet makes his debut. 

Danny Gray has written a great collection of poetry that drips with rhythm and wordplay. The radio presenter takes us into his world and different dimensions. Here is the front cover that features art by Graeme Webb. More announcements about this book in next months Newsletter. If you would like this month's newsletter - be sure to subscribe today! 

New Book coming soon 

Tales of Jazz Volume Two - Listen Here will be available in November. Following on from Volume One - more fantastic short stories that incorporate jazz. From the music, to lives and style that continues to be associated with the culture that expresses so many inspirations. More news in the coming weeks. 

Danny Gray's Stop Look & Listen show on Mad Wasp Radio supports Beatnpress and the new Tales Of Jazz series of books. Volume One - Out Of My Continental Mind is out now.  You can find out more about the radio show here by clicking on the images - 

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Coming to Beatnpress a Monthly newsletter called The Writer. With updates and offers for its readers. Register today! 

Pre Order Nick's Gift by Becky Nuttall today


New Book Alert!

Coming Soon - Nick's Gift by Becky Nuttall. Beatnpress are thrilled to  be reprinting her poetry collection Nick's Gift.

Becky comes from an artistic and literary background based in Brixham Devon. She studied art in the early seventies but got diverted by literature and, latterly, the social development of adolescents. The research undertaken as part of her MA reconnected her to her own adolescence and its influences.

Coming from a creative family Becky was always drawn to imagery and how artists interpreted the known and unknown, the sacred and profane, the human, the humane and the inhumane. The convent she attended as a child and teenager was dominated by religious imagery, the secular world mostly ignored unless it mirrored conformity and patriarchy. These challenged her liberal upbringing. During her 1970s art school education her influences became rock music, fashion, feminism, popular culture, Dada, modernism and the places and objects her family loved, becoming symbols of love, conflict and loss. Becky creates the works to acknowledge these and the impact religious violence, guilt, piety, sainthood, patriarchal art history and conformity had on a young girl – considering how she challenged and interpreted these in her adolescence. Becky creates intertextual works in adulthood as she deconstructs and reconstruct the relationship between her education, Catholicism, her adolescence, her identity and her family’s creativity to create a new context in her own art. Becky is not a Catholic and although challenging, this has become an interesting collaboration. Her book is as artistic as her visual arts, in as much that she creates striking imagery with her words.  You can see more about Becky at


Available now! Tales of Jazz Volume One: Out Of My Continental Mind - An  exciting collection of short stories set around Jazz. 

ISBN 978-1-4709-7023-9

Perfect Bound paperback
Welcome to Tales of Jazz Volume One. This book is the first in a series of books that share fictional tales that have an association with jazz, whether it be Rag time, Bebop, Swing, Trad or Modern. Jazz funk or Acid Jazz - it doesn't matter what offshoot it is. The books are about conveying themes and experience. Each story has the energy of a music that thrills, or touches the soul. Influences are reflected by characters portrayed and share the inclusivity that music can bring. Like the Beat Generation of the last century, these very modern writers embrace rhythm, and experience, and sometimes share a spiritual element that is recognisable by other enthusiasts.

Writers Rob Massey, Nathan James Le-Bas, Jason Brummell, Pete Mckenna, Jason Disley and Paul Anderson take you into these jazz filled environments where music and life collides. Creativity like a piece of jazz breathes life into each story, taking you on separate journeys that are a testament to music and lifestyle. 

ISBN: 9781471027789

Pages 98


Interior ColorBlack & White

Dimensions A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)

By (author): Ross Maclean-Bryant, Foreword by: Jason Disley

A Smorgasbord of Curious Novelties &  Other Nonsensical  Bric – a- Brac is Ross Maclean-Bryant at his best.  You, dear reader are going to be taken on a trip of seasides,  and free rides.  A  rabbit – hole of wonder and a book that is everything you would expect.  The variety of this Smorgasbord is tasty,  and I can not  recommend it highly enough.  So,  dive in to the ocean,  and follow the Chimp,  the Elephant in the room and the Giraffe on his motorcycle and the other characters Ross has created and know that this will be a book that you will revisit often. 

Robert Garnham's Woodview makes it into a best poetry books of 2022 list!

Beatnpress are thrilled to see that Robert's book has made it onto this list. This fine book of verse is exactly what Beatnpress is about. Poetry that needs to be read and shares both personal insights and observations of the world at large. Congratulations Robert! 


Check the full list here:

Perfect Bound Paperback 

©Robert Garnham 2022

‘Woodview is an evocative and sensitive collection of poems and prose that resonates with leaving childhood behind and searching for an identity. Robert is known for his wit and whimsical works, ever present here. Tenderly sitting beside these are the beautiful and honest poems in the section ‘A Person’ where Robert shows ‘the workings of my heart’. Woodview is Robert at his very best’.

Take It Or Leave It  Ebook!

The first ebook to be added to Beatnpress is Jason Disley's thrilling novel set in 1966. Take It Or Leave It by Jason Disley (ebook)

The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind by Jason Disley Out Now! 

A tale set in 1950s Hollywood, The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind, is a series of poems that tell of a difficult inter racial relationship brought to a tragic end, it is a detective story dripping with blues and jazz rhythms. Evoking the LA of Raymond Chandler, The Forgotten Whisper On The Wind has crimes, passion and a pulse to it. Available now from and other places soon. .

A poem from Woodview by Robert Garnham. Woodview will be available to purchase soon.

“If Jack Kerouac and Carlos Castaneda went on a road trip together, you would probably wind up with something not dissimilar to The Lost Notes. A beguiling transatlantic tale of jazz, spiritualism and Jim Morrison ” Claire Mahoney, Detail magazine.

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