Tales of Jazz - Volume One - Out Of My Continental Mind


ISBN 978-1-4709-7023-9

Perfect Bound paperback
Welcome to Tales of Jazz Volume One. This book is the first in a series of books that share fictional tales that have an association with jazz, whether it be Rag time, Bebop, Swing, Trad or Modern. Jazz funk or Acid Jazz - it doesn't matter what offshoot it is. The books are about conveying themes and experience. Each story has the energy of a music that thrills, or touches the soul. Influences are reflected by characters portrayed and share the inclusivity that music can bring. Like the Beat Generation of the last century, these very modern writers embrace rhythm, and experience, and sometimes share a spiritual element that is recognisable by other enthusiasts.

Writers Rob Massey, Nathan James Le-Bas, Jason Brummell, Pete Mckenna, Jason Disley and Paul Anderson take you into these jazz filled environments where music and life collides. Creativity like a piece of jazz breathes life into each story, taking you on separate journeys that are a testament to music and lifestyle.