Wasted Youths? Fashions Fads and Factions 73-93 by Jimm Leaf

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Raised on a diet of glam rock and chart pop, flares and tank tops, learning the rules and then learning there were no rules. Music and fashion going hand in hand, ever-changing. Taking sides, loyalties that would last for decades, spotting the next trend and moving on, then taking it a step further, getting ahead. Reaching 16 in ‘79, scanning the radar, faced with choices, plotting a new course, mod, ska, new romantic, rockabilly, goth, choosing which route to take and for how long. Wasted youths? takes us from young farmers’ club discos to the pubs of Camden Town via early ‘80s Oxford. The fashions, fads and factions that meant the world. A celebration of youth, lost loves, lost jumpers, missed opportunities and missed gigs, favourite shirts and dream shoes.