Take It Or Leave It by Jason Disley (ebook)

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Take It Or Leave It By Jason Disley(2).epub

276 pages

The sequel to Seven Day Fool by Jason Disley now available as an ebook. 

Its 1966 and Jake Brody finds himself once again drawn into situations that fate has determined for him. The private eye, based in Manchester, sees his life turned upside down when he is invited to London, for what he thinks is a formal appreciation for his help the previous year, to foil a scandalous plot (Seven Day Fool) . He is offered a job to help British Intelligence, and face an old adversary. The theft of the Jules Rimet trophy is possibly linked, and a cat and mouse mission embroils Jake into a truly international tale with Gangsters, Thieves, Spies and a beautiful woman. The job required is fraught with danger. He is initially given a choice to "Take It Or Leave It." But, in truth there isn't a choice. He has to do what is expected of him. The consequences are both personal and a matter for national security, at a time when The Cold War has a chilling hold on the nation, and criminal activities serve to facilitate even greater scandals than the Profumo Affair.
Also, there is something else at play, that could destabilise the United Kingdom for many years to come...