Maradona good, Pele Better, GEORGE BEST by Pete McKenna

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Suave Collective (1 Dec. 2015)

Language‎EnglishPaperback‎144 pages

Isbn 978-0993477805

When Bob Bishop, a Football Scout in Belfast, saw a young lad play he knew he had discovered something special and immediately sent a telegram to the Manchester United manager Matt Busby. The telegram simply read; “I think I’ve found you a genius” Millions of fans, from across the globe bore testament to the discovery of the genius that is George Best. The brightness of his rising star was matched only by the glare of the media spotlight and so those very same fans that witnessed his ascendancy also saw his very public decline on a scale like no footballing superstar has before or since. His sad self-penned epitaph, which perhaps fittingly, made universal front-page news; read simply DO NOT DIE LIKE ME! No one who’d ever witnessed that sheer God-given talent could ever forget his greatness and hundreds of thousands attended his funeral, including the author, to pay their heartfelt respects. Maradona Good, Pele Better, GEORGE BEST is the story of a man who saw the ‘damage done’ twice over and his journey to simply say ‘thank-you’ to the best player to ever grace a football pitch.