Seven Day Fool by Jason Disley

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Perfect Bound Paperback

131 pages. 

© Jason Disley 2017

First published by Suave Collective Publishing 6-10-2017



Being a Private Eye is sometimes a thankless and mundane job. The year is 1965 and Jake Brody Private Eye, is in desperate need of clients.

When, an attractive woman enters his office and hires him, little does he realise that his week ahead is going to be one that has to be lived to be believed. Seven Day Fool takes Jake on a thrilling chase through the shadowy underworld of Manchester nightlife. From its hip café bars, such as The Cona, to the shady nightclubs where the Northern Mods liked to frequent, like the The Twisted Wheel. He is tasked with finding a missing Polish girl, but has just one week to do so, and no longer. The clock is ticking, ever faster, as fresh dangers come into play.

The consequences of not finding her could, in turn, create a scandal for a ruling class still reeling from the Profumo affair. Gangsters, kidnapping, and murder are just a few of the hurdles he has to face. Will he manage to do what he needs to - or, will he end up the fool for just trying to do the right thing?


Published by Suave Collective Publishing

The debut novella introducing Jake Brody.