UB40 (A Legal Drug) by Tanya Kennedy

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UB40 (A Legal Drug) by Tanya Kennedy. With a foreword by Robin Campbell, and an Afterword by Martin Meredith - both members of the band. Originally written in 94/95 - This very personal memoir gives a real insight into the evolution of a super fan - whose obsession helped shape the author's life. Read the highs and lows, the commitment and sheer joy of music that really touched her. From family and friends to meeting her future husband, and eventually getting married in Jamaica. Its a story of opportunity, hope, and adventure. Its an account that a real fan of any band would empathise with, and understand. For Tanya - Getting a UB40 fix was one thing that really mattered, and something that she was never going to give up.

The book has been edited by Tanya's husband Andy Kennedy and Jason Disley. It features some never before seen photos, and will be available soon. Announcements of where to purchase will be made in the coming weeks. All proceeds will be going to St Margaret's hospice in Taunton.

This is the first publication by Beatnpress that has been written by another author.


Written by Tanya Kennedy with a foreword by Robin Campbell. Edited by Jason Disley and Andy Kennedy 

ISBN 978-1-008-97405-0


Release date to be confirmed, summer, 2021. 


Book, 281 Pages

Print Book: A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm), Standard Color, 60# White, Paperback, Matte Cover

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